Night Motor – TunedLoud!

Night Motor - Cover Feature TunedLoud Night Motor - Cover Feature TunedLoud

Night Motor explode onto the front page of Tunedloud!

Featuring on the cover of this month’s magazine the high priests of electronic noize are given heaps of high praise for their new single “Martyr” and discuss  some of the tracks on the forthcoming Night Motor album “Convictions Convulsions”.

Full of punk potency and escalating, frantic techno lust, “Martyr” builds to a total mid-tempo rave-up.

Here at Jynnji we just love the uncompromising brutal glory of the Night Motor sound and attitude and we sure aren’t alone in our thinking.

“Martyr” is already picking up Radio Play and a lot of interest. Thank you TunedLoud! You can read the full Night Motor review HERE and buy this month’s edition of  the magazine HERE

Night Motor know what they do well, and ably show that they have plenty of petrol left in the can to throw on the fire, as they revolutionize punk, dance and rock music in one fell swoop. Night Motor evokes the kind of musical dirt and debauchery, last heard in the golden era of hardcore punk.